About Easy Bits

At Easy Bits our goal is to revolutionise online video industry by shifting video processing from back-end servers and browser natively supported elements into JavaScript (and sometimes Action Script) done in real time in the user browser giving video publishers more control over what is supported and what can be done with their videos across all devices.

Areas of expertise

Video content management systems

Easy Bits supplies world's best custom video content management systems to online video publishers that link their departments like video editing, copy writing, photography, translation team together and provide them with a set of tools to facilitate their job of video production and delivery to the front users.

The platform is based on open source industry leading software (PHP Zend Framework on Linux) and targets big multilingual multi layered online video portals. It comprises of numerous modules and has tons of features: video encoding, video players, different content delivery networks(CDNs: Akamai, AmazonAWS, CDN77) online subtitling system, content replication and linkage for translation, video chaptering, payment solutions, video SEO, email marketing and more.

With our absolutely custom CMS built with security in mind you will not know what damage a simple automatic scanner can do by targeting a recent vulnerability in a popular CMS.

Live streaming

Easy Bits provides reliable live streaming services to companies that would like to promote their services by placing a 24/7 live camera feed on their web pages which efficiently increases time spent on the web site and user retention prompting users to engage. We have unbeatable pricing for around-the-clock streaming service that includes set up, support for desktops, iOS and Androids, monitoring and video SEO where a thumbnail is displayed in Google search results.

The service is very popular among UK's Zoos and wild life farms, hotels located in beautiful regions and shops that carter for water sports industry.


We work on a new video format we call JSV® (JavaScript Video) that we aim to be low computational enough for mobile devices like iPhones to decode and play it on the fly. This, for example, allows to overcome some limitations of a native implementation of html5 video on some hand held devices including iPhones and play videos in-line as opposite to the automatic full screen mode which enables users to interact with the web page during video playback. Another feature, that JSV® opens up and that especially sought after in video advertisement industry, is the ability to autostart video on such a device.

Other exciting projects implemented by Easy Bits include thumbnail plugins for popular video players like Flowplayer (html5 and Flash versions) and Videojs player that display thumbnails of the playing video when the user hovers over the time line. The magical thing about it is that you do not need to pre-generate the thumbnails, rather these are generated on the fly from the playing video. This is done by parsing mp4 video container in JavaScript, getting a particular H264 key frame from the video file, decoding and displaying the still image.

At Easy Bits we heavily rely on the range requests feature of the HTTP protocol that allows to download only a specific part of a video file. It is in the heart of our HTTP multi loader - an essential part of many of our products - that supports downloading an object in multiple simultaneous streams from different locations. Here is an example of it in action: video delivered in parallel streams over HTTP.

Using the multi loader that has different features like speed control and re-muxing mp4 to flv container on the fly in Action Script, Easy Bits has successfully implemented a seek to a point functionality for mp4 H264 videos served from a standard http server like Apache to a Flash client.

We work constantly on research in the area of online video exploring possibilities of working with different containers and codecs in JavaScript, here is a full featured H264 decoder in pure JavaScript. See the products page for all of our state of art projects.


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