Meet Leon - superfast GPU-accelerated (WebGL) mpeg1-like video decoder in JavaScript

Your CPU won't even notice™

Can you imagine a process of decoding video in JavaScript that leaves no footprint in your Task Manager ?!

Our latest version of JavaScript mpeg1-like video decoder offlooads major decoding tasks like color conversion, inverse DCT, dequantization and motion compensation onto your GPU using WebGL which is the ideal tool for this task. JavaScript on CPU does demuxing and simply loads the data onto GPU and is therefore ready for all your other tasks.

Here is a demo of a video decoding in WebGL:

What is good about JavaScript video decoder?

Not only it is now fast but it gives all the freedom you need. We can add features required to both encoder and decoder and there you have it, not need to wait till browser vendors implement it and are all on the same page.

We already added support for alpha-channel transparency to our mpeg1 video decoder


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