HTTP multistreaming loader

HTTP multistreaming loader is a small piece of software written in JavaScript that gives you full control over http downloads, it relies on built-in range-requests feature of the HTTP protocol allowing to request only specific part of a file from the server. Using it you can:

HTTP streaming plugins for Flowplayer and Media Strobe Playback Flash players, mp4 extractor and scrubber preview plugin for Flowplayer html5 and videojs players all use internally HTTP multistreaming to do the heavy lifting.

All major browsers are supported with Internet Explorer starting from version 8. To support the required communications between loaders based on iframes when requests are made to a different domain in Internet Explorer 7 Flash LocalConnection could be used however it has a limit of 40k per request and support for it was discontinued.


Here is an example of streaming over http using a single loader:

Now the same file using two simultaneous streams from two loaders:

And finally with speed limit set to 100kb/s:


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