Live Webcams

We provide streaming services to camera owners who are Zoos, wildlife farms, hotels and cafés featuring picturesque panoramic views, shops catering for water-sports industry and every one who wishes to attract to and retain visitors on their web site and ultimately convert them to customers. Putting a feed from a live camera on your web site that is accessible 24/7 on any device is an excellent way to achieve this.

Live cameras set up

For £15/month (£10 for non-profit organisations) you get:

Here are a few examples of live cameras feeds:

We are different from other streaming providers because we actually monitor each stream and, having remote access to the computer, resolve issues when they arise and every our customer can request a change or an additional feature related to their set up (player appearance and functionality, delivery technology etc) if they wish. We build our in-house Flash players for desktops and html5 video players for mobile devices and are absolutely flexible to our customers' requests.

We also provide both push and pull methods to get feeds from live cameras, that is you can either use a url to publish your live stream to our streaming server or, given a url from your live ip camera or encoder, the streaming server can pull it in.

With the advance of cloud technology it is now easy for us to choose an optimal location of the streaming server close to your live cameras and/or to most of your customers.


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