Flash banners alternative

Even though many people do not like Flash feeling it's something external to the browser interactive advertising banners can be attractive for the visitors of a website. Now that Flash is not supported on many mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and new Androids is there an alternative for Flash technology for these devices ? Yes, scalable vector graphics for web can be an effective alternative to the flash banners, look at this vector animation:

It is not using Flash but looks very similar to it because it takes advantage of vector graphics just the way Flash animations do but is rather using SVG (scalable vector graphics) - and VML(vector mark-up language, in older Internet Explorer versions) meaning it works even in Internet Explorer 6.

So the secret of it looking differently lies in vectors because they are not static 'dead' images but rather 'live' formulas telling your browser how to draw an image and as a consequence they look always high quality and sharp even when you zoom in/zoom out with the browser redrawing them each time.

Another advantage of vector graphics for web is that it usually much smaller in size comparing to raster graphics that stores information about each pixel it holds. Being a text formula it can as well be reduced in size furthermore by using compression technology like gzip on the server side.

There are many different elements in vector graphics for web that look amazing like new CSS3 features but work in older browsers too: rounded corner, shadows, perfect shapes, gradients, image manipulations like rotations and filters and more. And the main thing they stay perfect no matter how close you zoom in because they are scalable meaning a typical element can be applied to your html DOM elements of different sizes by changing a single parameter.

Look at our site's menu that have rounded corners, shadows, lightens up on mouse hover and feels physically pressed when you click on one of the items - they are all vector graphics animated using JavaScript. The interactivity part of it can be more complex than changing shapes and trigger different events like popping up a window making it good alternative to flash banners.

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