Low latency live html5 audio streaming

Here is a practical html5 audio solution that allows to achieve very low latency (0.5 seconds) in live streaming that works in any modern browser that supports Web Audio API. The good thing about it is that it is widely supported. There are some similar solutions but they lack the quality of the sound, our technique (US patent pending) allows you to get the same audio quality as with the standard HLS(Http Live Streaming) but with much less latency.

The solution is indispensable in live events streaming to mobiles (iOs:iPhone, iPad, Android) such as online chats, games, gambling, projects where users are engaged and can control processes and everywhere where near real time audio latency is required.

This audio solution is a part of our low latency video streaming player

Below is the live demo of the low latency audio streaming in html5 - also check out our little funky player skin that takes advantage of scalable graphics.


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